Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator

Looking for a reliable OEM China factory for ultra-low price 20 tons large excavator? Look no further! We are a trustworthy factory dedicated to providing high quality and affordable heavy machinery.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Special Excavator, Marine Excavator, Mining Excavator, GM Excavator
Hydraulic Transmission
Drive Type
Internal Combustion Drive
Bucket Capacity
CE, ISO9001: 2000
Product Name
Large Excavator
Operating Weight
Maximum Excavation Height
Maximum Digging Depth
Maximum Excavation Radius
Rated Speed
4.5-3.1 Km/H
Maximum Dumping Height
Arm Release Force
Excavation Range
Track Plate Width
Transport Package
Naked Packing
9960*3190 * 3530mm
HS Code
Production Capacity

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
996.00cm * 319.00cm * 353.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator Product Parameter (specification)
Model NO. SE245LC Operating weight(kg) 24800
Certificate CE/ISO90001/EPA Brand Name SHANTUI
Machinery Test Report Provided Video Outgoing-Inspection Provided

Bulldozers are mostly used to clear the site, level the land, dig a small depth of foundation pit, fill trenches and cooperate with scrapers, excavators and other work. In addition, behind the bulldozer, the soil loosening device can be installed to break the hard soil or frozen soil, and the sheep foot can also be dragged and rolled to carry out earth compaction work. 
Cooperative product
SHANTUI Product , 
SE650LC Excavator,
SE680LC Excavator,
SE750LG Excavator,
SE800LC  Excavator,
SE950LC Excavator,
SE980LC Excavator,
SE335LC Excavator,
SE370LC Excavator,
SE400LC Excavator,
SE500LC Excavator,
SE600     Excavator,
SE205     Excavator,
SE210     Excavator,
SE215     Excavator,
SE220     Excavator,
SE220L   Excavator,
SE245LC Excavator,
SE305LC Excavator,
L08-B2 Wheel  Loader,
L08-M Wheel  Loader,
L10-B2 Wheel  Loader,
L10-M Wheel  Loader,
L12-B2 Wheel  Loader,
L16-B2 Wheel  Loader,
L36-B3 Wheel  Loader,
L39-B3 AGRI Wheel  Loader,
SD13 Bulldozer,
SD16 Bulldozer,
SD17 Bulldozer,
SD22 Bulldozer,
SD24 Bulldozer,
SD26 Bulldozer,
SD32 Bulldozer,
SD34 Bulldozer,
SD90 Bulldozer
DH46 Bulldozer
DH17 Bulldozer
DH26 Bulldozer
DH20 Bulldozer
DH24 Bulldozer etc., 
SRD14-C6 Road Roller,
SRD13-C6 Road Roller,
SR14        Road Roller,
SG10-85   Motor Grader,
SG21-06   Motor Grader,
SFD15      Forklift,
SE035      Forklift etc.,

Main cooperative brand products
SHANTUI Excavator
SHANTUI Wheel Loader
SHANTUI Bulldozer
SHANTUI Compactor
SHANTUI Motor Grader
SHANTUI Mining Truck
SHANTUI Forklift
SANY   Excavator
SANY   Excavator
SANY   Wheel Loader
SANY   Compactor
SANY   Motor Grader
SANY   Mining Truck etc.,

Product Advantage

1.Strong delivery capacity, fast speed
Our company is the largest agent of Shantui in China, and also provides OEM manufacturers for Xugong and Sany. Can help customers deploy product resources, the first time delivery.
2.Strong transport capacity, stable transport assembly.
As we all know, the transportation and binding of large equipment is more important in the whole stage of trade, so our company has resident specialists in Tianjin port and Lianyungang port inspection, loading supervision personnel, before the equipment on board a full range of inspection, while supervising the port staff on the robustness of equipment binding.
3.Third party inspection
As a long-term partner of our company, we know that all large equipment of our company will find BV, SGS and other organizations for third-party inspection before shipment to ensure the quality of products.
4. Comprehensive certification
Our company's product certifications include CE, ISO90001, etc. At the same time, every year our company invites SGS to come to the company for company certification and issue a certification report.

5.Mature product design/production system/service guarantee system
Years of international trade cooperation experience let us have full OEM/ODM customization capabilities, follow the quality standards in strict accordance with the customer's own needs to customize, to provide customers with perfect solutions

Excavators use buckets to excavate material above or below the surface and load it into transport vehicles or unload it into earthmoving machinery at the storage yard. The materials excavated by excavators are mainly soil, coal, sand, and soil and rock after pre-loosening. From the perspective of the development of construction machinery in recent years, the development of excavators is relatively fast, and excavators have become one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator

Detailed Photos

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator

Product Parameters

Main specification

Parameter SE245LC
Operating weight(kg) 24800
Engine power(kW/rpm) 133/2000
Bucket capacity(m³) 1.2
External dimensions(mm) 9885*3180*3235
Bucket rod digging force(kN) 125
Bucket digging force(kN) 172
Rotating speed(r/min) 0-11
Travel speed(km/h) 3.5/5.1
Maximum digging height(mm) 10180
Maximum digging distance(mm) 10198
Maximum digging depth(mm) 6864
Emissions (Indicated as per international standards) Eu stage II

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Product Advantage
New configuration Performance upgrade

Industry-leading load-sensitive hydraulic system for smooth operation and less system pressure loss;
In the same tonnage products in the industry, the cylinder is the largest and the digging force is the largest;
The engine power of the same tonnage products in the industry is the largest.

New modeling structure upgrade
Comprehensively optimize the structure of key parts, and strengthen the stress position, not afraid of harsh conditions;
The bottom plate, side plate and strengthening plate are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials to improve the durability of the bucket;
According to the digging track of the bucket, the structure of the bucket is optimized to reduce the digging resistance and improve the digging efficiency.
H-type track frame, strong bearing capacity, reasonable load distribution of the whole machine; The track frame is equipped with the pedal as standard, which reduces the user's work intensity and improves user satisfaction.

Wide respect comfortable operating environment
New frame cab, greatly improve the strength and impact resistance, effectively ensure the safety of drivers and passengers;
Optimize air conditioning duct, not blowing legs in summer;
Cup holders, storage boxes, etc.
7 inch smart color screen, integrated rich functions, standard mode control, automatic idle, remaining fuel consumption display and other functions.

Nanny-care maintenance is fast
Fully open engine cover, positioning mechanism, light and safe opening, large engine room space, easy maintenance;
155L large capacity fuel tank, effectively extend the working time.


Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator


Packaging & Shipping

Our company and MSK,MSC,CMA and more than a dozen well-known shipping companies around the world cooperation, can let the customer's transportation costs to the minimum.


Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large ExcavatorSupport OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large ExcavatorSupport OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator

Company Profile

About us -Shandong Infront Machinery Co., Ltd.
1.Shandong Infront Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise that integrates professional R & D, production, sales mini excavators, loaders, sliding loaders, rollers, turning vehicles, grass cutters and new energy small machinery.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
2.The company is located in Jining City, Shandong Province The National High -tech Industrial Development Zone Shan Innovation Building West Factory has thousands of square meters of modern production workshops and R & D technology centers with international advanced levels.

3.At present, the company has more than 330 employees, including 50 professional engineering and technical personnel, 10 senior engineers, and 53 senior technicians.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Our company has become a leader in  manufacturing and the supply of Construction machinery, pavement machinery

We manufacture a range of  Construction machinery, pavement machinery. Our core products include: 
Mini excavator,skid steer loader,wheel loader,mini dumper,Lawn mower,road
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Product ApplicationThe main user orchard ditch, garden greening, cable pipelines, mountain planting trees, greenhouse vegetables, farmland transformation, basement, muddy crushing, farm orchard construction, farmland plowing, ditch digging, raking, mountain land reclamation, excavation, farmland plowing, silt cleaning, rural transformation,construction work,and other small spaces.

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Production process
Our experienced team of product professionals
Cutting machine: used to cut and process the main parts of the excavator, such as steel plate, rail and so on.

Bending machine: used for bending the door frame, bucket rod and other parts of the excavator.

Drilling machine: used to drill the steel plate and iron parts of the excavator.

Welding machine: used for welding and assembly of various parts of the excavator.

Shot blasting machine: used for surface treatment of steel plates and iron parts of excavators to improve their quality and durability.

Spraying equipment: used to paint excavators to improve their appearance and corrosion resistance.

Assembly line: used to assemble the various parts of the excavator to form a complete mechanical equipment.

Testing equipment: used to test the performance and quality of the excavator to ensure that it meets the relevant standards and requirements.

Perfect R & D team, team members R & D experience are more than 5 years. Strong R & D team has won R&D awards in Shandong Province for many times, and applied for appearance patents, testing new patented technologies, etc. At the same time, our company supports OEM, ODM

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Our capability
The products developed and produced by the company have a variety of specifications, with more than 3,0000 main machinery in the annual production. Advanced technology, excellent performance, reasonable structure, simple operation, safe use, generous and new shape, and cost -effectiveness. 

It is especially suitable for urban and rural construction, road and bridge management network construction, garden greening, farmland transformation, and small and medium -sized water conservancy projects. The first choice for peasant friends to get rich.

 Products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Germany, Italy, and Britain. The products have been trusted and praised by users at home and abroad.

International partnerships
 We export our extensive range of bedding and other products around the world.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
We export our excavator,skid steer loader,lawn mower and other products around the world. Our reputation for quality and service has seen our export network spread to the USA, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, South East Asia. 80% of our products are for the European and American markets.

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Sales area: USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Chile.

Industry certification 
Quality is at the heart of what we do. We are focused on creating high-quality products and processes, and delivering excellent customer service. 
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Since its establishment, the company has conscientiously adhered to the quality policy of "quality first, integrity operation, scientific management, and continuous improvement", upholding "people -oriented, creating modern enterprises; scientific and technological innovation, creating world -class brands" corporate vision.

In order to develop, provide customers with high -quality products and services; based on quality based on the market, to promote the continuous development and growth of enterprises.

Trade team&Exhibition
Our company has a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales team, each team to achieve 24 hours online service, to provide customers with the best service experience.
Pre-sales team research products, research raw material manufacturers product quality and reputation, select the best quality upstream suppliers and raw materials.

The sales team focuses on customer needs, takes into account customer budgets, and makes the best product solutions for customers. From customer order to product production, until the final product delivery, so that customers get visual product production services, real-time know the situation of the purchased goods.

The after-sales team is oriented to solve customer problems, 24 hours online, timely feedback for customers in the use of problems, from language to pictures to videos, for customers to solve problems in the first time.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large ExcavatorOur company is wired on the mall, but also in the offline exhibition, to bring our products to more people in need, so that people improve work efficiency, greatly reduce the intensity of work.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Collaboration cases and buyer feedback
Our company has a variety of products, small equipment to help customers in developed countries repair municipal construction and family garden construction. The large-scale equipment sold in cooperation with China's first-tier brands helps developed countries develop local buildings and infrastructure, contributing to the development of the planet.

Sales Achievement : Thanks to its strong Research and Development and large production capacity, INFRONT has remained the top excavator seller in China for five consecutive years.
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
In line with its motto and corporate mission "Quality changes the world," INFRONT has been reinvesting 5-7% of annual sales revenue in R&D every year to ensure that its products remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Over the past years, the company has received national recognition for its contribution to science and technology, winning the prestigious "National Science and Technology Progress Award" three times and twice receiving the highest honor in China's construction machinery sector, the "Innovation Technology Award".
Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
INFORNT remains committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality, industry-leading products and looks to increase excavator sales volume for the following months.

In the future, we will continue to take "independent innovation" as the source of power, and develop towards the direction of high -end products, internationalization, and brand differentiation. Entering the creator of world value in the field of equipment manufacturing

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator
Work with us
If you are interested in our   products or wider range, contact one of our representatives today to discuss your requirements. 
We welcome new partnerships with businesses from around the world



Q: What's the delivery time?
A: 10-18 working days to delivery port. 

Q: What's the usually delivery terms? 
A: FOB, CFR, CIF, Exw,DDP,DDU,DAP will be OK. 

Q: What's the MOQ? 
A: 1 set. 

Q: What's the payment term? 
A: We accept T/T, L/C,OA or Cash.

Q: What's yourdelivery port? 
A: Usually Qingdao port, Shanghai port,Tianjin Port 

Q: What's the packing? 
A: Iron Pallet and Plywood cases or carton ordepending on your requires. 

Q: Can you place OEM orders? 
A: Yes,OEM orders are acceptable. We can manufacture machines according to your requirement with your design,logo,color,materials
or brand information. 

Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? 
A:Our factory is located in Jining City, Shandong Province, China, about 2 hours from Beijing, 3 hours from Shanghai.

Support OEM China Factory Ultra-Low Price 20 Tons Large Excavator


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